Animal Research Projects

Every year, we go to the river, and we see new animals each time.  With my second grader-to-be interested in animals and writing about them, I decided it was time we learned about the animals we were looking at.  There is very little information out there in the form a young child can digest (even the library let us down), so I took info from and put it into a less intimidating format.  I also made worksheets with questions they have to answer about the animals they are researching.



TurkeyVultureInfo_cTVultureWorksheet_c GarterSnakeInfo_cGarterSnakeWorksheet_c


You can find more at Suburbamom at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Microsoft Word - Black-Tailed Deer Info.docx

Microsoft Word - Black-Tailed Deer Worksheet.docx

Microsoft Word - California Myotis Info.docx

Microsoft Word - California Myotis Worksheet.docx

Microsoft Word - Great Egret Info.docx

Microsoft Word - Great Egret Worksheet.docx

Microsoft Word - Great Blue Heron Info.docx

Microsoft Word - Great Blue Heron Worksheet.docx

Microsoft Word - Red-Tailed Hawk Info.docx

Microsoft Word - Red-Tailed Hawk Worksheet.docx

The seven year olds loved these!  We found these are even more fun to do collaboratively!

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