Aladdin Family Costumes

We love the animated feature, Aladdin.  We couldn’t wait to put these costumes together, as there are so many great characters!  You can put this together too!

Five costumes are a lot to make, and some just can’t realistically be made at home, so I start with shopping.  I found the Jasmine, Aladdin, and Genie costumes online at good prices, so those were taken care of quickly.

Jasmine’s headpiece needed some modification in order for hair to go around it, then it was ready to go. I just added gold jewelry.


Aladdin’s shirt needed some alterations, as it was an odd shape, and I added a magic lamp.

Genie was absolutely ready to go, which was nice.


For Abu, I didn’t find any costumes I liked, so we used our Chewbacca pajamas. Haha!  I took apart an old monkey costume and pinned a panel of fur to the front of the jammies.  I pinned the tail to the back of the jammies.  I made a vest and hat from felt.  I used wire to hold the hat’s shape and added chin elastic to hold it on.    Not my best work, but it was comfy and fun.


Jafar was the challenge.  There weren’t costumes available, and making it took some planning.  I looked at so many pictures of animated Jafar, and well, he’s a drawing.  His costume defies the laws of reality.  We had to just come as close as we could to what the drawing looked like.  We started with a red collared shirt and black pants. I bought an inexpensive dracula-type cape for the next layer.  I used black fabric to drape around his back to hang in front.  I added wire to the shoulders to get the gravity-defying effect.  I gathered red fabric into a belt and pinned it in the back.  We used black felt for the hat, sewed yellow felt embellishment to the front, and glued a feather and rhinestone.  The shape isn’t clearly defined in the movie, so we just picked a shape and went with it.  The height was difficult to support, so maybe go shorter or add support.  I ended up stuffing fabric inside to hold it up.  I added red fabric around the sides for the drape effect.  Iago is pinned to the shoulder.




I hope you have fun putting together your family costumes!

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