About Me


I’m Amy.  I’m a suburban wife and mother of three.  Welcome to my cul de sac!

I’m a first-born child who grew up in a quiet corner of a bustling suburb.

I was the perfect child.  OK, probably not.

In college, I acted upon my yearning for adventure.  I studied abroad in Ireland, and drank tea every day.  I tried Guinness and traveled Europe.  I ice skated in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens.  I even lay on the edge of Dun Aonghasa’s 100-meter cliff.  I love that place, even though I can’t understand a lick of Irish.

Unexpectedly, at a sorority dance in college, the photographer approached me and asked me if I went to his elementary school in my hometown.  I was facing my third grade boyfriend, and crush of 13 years since.  Now, we’re back in that same suburb, in a neighborhood you’d want to raise kids in.

I started out as a working mom, but when my children needed me, I accepted the position of stay at home mom.  Except, we’re rarely home.

My days are spent piling dishes, moving laundry, strapping babies into car seats, and playing ball in the backyard.  And I thought I’d be a career woman!  But this is what I truly wanted.  I keep telling myself that.

Enjoy and partake, as I write about my slow transition from jet setter to stay at home mom.

I like writing about the twists and turns each day brings.  It’s therapeutic.  And I learn better that way.

Love you!


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