A Break in the Fighting

My big boys  are fighting at least 90% of the time. No exaggeration. If they’re awake, or I should say, if even one is awake, there will be fighting. I don’t know if it’s just general boredom, or irritability with seeing the same face all the time. But they can’t help themselves. They can only go a few moments without going at each other.

The non-fighting moments are precious, and the loving moments are… well… a gift from God. My three year old is starting to recognize letters he sees and wants to start writing. He doesn’t have a clue where to start, and I tend to have my hands full, but his big brother has been willing to put his own projects aside to help him. It melts my heart to see my three year old have a desire to learn, and to see my five year old be so selfless.

Through all the fighting, I pray these brothers will be close and loving throughout their lives. They really do complement each other nicely.





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